Make Your Own Dog Bed

If you have a few minutes, you can make your own dog bed for a fraction of the price of retail. I have two older commercial dog beds for my dogs. They are two years old, flattened to about 1/2 inch and they smell really bad!!!

So, I decided to go out shopping for new dog beds. Because my dogs are large, I thought I better consider a larger thicker bed for each of them. I looked in all of the usual places and the cheapest that I could buy two large and thick dogs beds was about $150 each. My goodness, I couldn't afford $300 for new dog beds.

So, being a normal human being, I just procrastinated and didn't buy them a new dog bed. But, then one of the dogs hurt his leg, so he needed a better bed. I was just ready to make the plunge, when my mother suggested that we make them a bed.

So, while we had our motorhome parked in her huge driveway with a lovely sewer, electrical, water, and cable connection that my step-dad put in just for us...she and I went to the local fabric store. We bought a 48x36" piece of four inch foam for about $42. Then, we went back and took two old sheets and I sewed them together on three sides to make a cover. I put velcro on the fourth side so that I could take it off easily and wash it.

Now, I have one really large dog bed, that one of the dogs can really stretch out on or both can curl up on at once. The dogs absolutely love it! And, I got rid of some guilt points about the lack of a comfy bed (well I won't mention here that one of them is always sleeping on the couch).

For $42, you too can make a terrific dog bed.

We have been involved in dog rescue for many years with many a foster dog gracing our home. We too were in need of many a dog bed. Academy Outdoors has a queen size foam pad for camping for about $20 which makes several excellent beds. I also make covers but have given up on the Velcro and just leave one end open like a giant pillow case.
I also bought a Temperpedic topper for my RV bed. I bought it through I bought a king when I knew I would only need a RV size queen. I cut off the extra material and made crate pads to cushion the dogs while we travel. I also make a simple cover for them. They seem to love them so much that we even leave them in the crates when we are at home.
great idea i have 6 dogs and buying six beds is verry exspencive and makeing one fo your lage bds fits all six of our dogs we have 2 scottish terriers 1 sheltie 1 pug 1 cocker spanile and one coone hound
it was gooooooooood!!!
does any 1 look at thees comments if soooooo then plz weitr back 2 me BTW the MAKE YOUR OWN DOGGY BED DIDNT REALLY WORK OUT T ALL!!!!!
Great idea for a dog bed. Thanks for posting this. It is very informative and I learned a lot from it.

We're about ready to take the 3 cats on the road. They are indoor cats and are scared to death because we put them in the car only to take them to the vets.

Any ideas how to keep them in the car or rig whie we pack even though my bride will try to entice them to stay with her.

I would certainly appreciate comments.

There is a product called Feliway. It comes in a spray or an automatic despenser (like room freshner you plug in an outlet). I used this while taking two 13 year old cats in a 34 ft motor home.) This product will calm your cats and it is made from natural ingred.
I am sure you know the importance of keeping the cat box a distance from the place the cats eat. Some cats are so clean they refuse to eat where their bathroom is. Since they need to eat, the cats will locate new bathroom facilities if necessary. As long as you keep food and box apart, the cats should use the boxes you had intended them to use. You must also keep on top of the cat box so it remains CLEAN.
I recommend the automatic despener.of Feliway.(Outlet style). Best of all worlds, get the spray also. Spray your clothing with feliway if cats want to sit in your lap as you travel. Spray the bed, couch etc. Harmless and we could never smell the Feliway.. DO NOT SPRAY the Cat.
You will find drops (*not made by Feliway) you can add to thei cat's water dish at a high end pet shop. Sometimes at a human health food place. Often the vets will carry some over the counter products too. Add drops to to the cats food/water. I have found some drops are recommended to be used for people and animals alike.
Rescue, to name one brand works. One thing no one told us about until we were talking to our vet, one of the products we put into our cats food had a short life once added to the drinking water. Within a half hour, the product's strength was greatly deminished.
The tips I have passed on to you were for the most part, given to me by a vet who specializes in cats. The Feliway runs about $40.00 a container . I found the outlet container lasted about a month when left plugged in round the clock. A must, when traveling, or until the cats learn to like traveling. The product might seem a bit expensive at first, be next to having sitters or vet stays, it is dirt cheap. Good luck. I must make clear we could use the drops at the same time as the Feliway. I did save the double dose (drops and spray) for the times we were on the move.
If you can not locate a cat once you have arrived, Check behind the bed( if it is on a slide). Best block any opening you have difficulity getting into with a bed pillow to keep cats out.
Feliway doesnt work, the people who made it are just trying to get money, and do you even know how expensive that thing is?
Interesting to know.
When taking cats on the road the smartest way to do it is to have them in a crate. I usually don't like cages and crates but the way cats can run off you have to have them when traveling. I suggest a crate or cage that is two times the cats size so they don't feel all cramped in there. And every time you open the RV door have the cat(s) in the crate so there is no way for them to take off and get lost.
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